Non-Lethal Weapon to Control Crowd

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crowd Control

U.S. defence firm Raytheon has designed a one-of-its-kind crowd control weapon which is non-lethal and extremely efficient. The new weapon is a form of Active Denial system created for area denial, security and crowd dispersal.

The weapon designed by Raytheon is known as Silent Guardian (SG) and it uses non-lethal millimetre wave energy which penetrates only 1/64th of an inch of the skin of the target and creates a severe burning sensation, as if touching a red hot wire. The pain or effect of the wave lasts only until the target is within its range and the pain subsides once the target is out of its range.

The SG fires a high-powered beam of 95 GHz frequency waves. The principle it works on is similar to a microwave oven that excites the water and fat molecules in the skin and instantly heats them through dielectric heating. Raytheon has said that it is an efficient weapon that could be used for controlling unruly crowds and mobs without inflicting permanent damage or injury.

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