Sitting Bad for Children Too

Friday, September 25, 2015


A study published in Experimental Physiology claims that children who follow a similar trait like adults by sitting too much are at the risk of developing health related diseases. It is a known fact that prolonged inactivity among adults worsens their health condition.

Researchers for the study examined healthy young girls wherein a single session of prolonged inactivity saw changes in their blood flow and arteries, a trait observed in inactive adults that signals the onset of cardiovascular diseases. The most worrying factor is that the risk continues to hover even if someone exercises regularly but then rests for the entire day.

A recent large scale epidemiological study reported that around the globe on an average, children sit for 8.5 hours daily. Another study stated the activity among children tend to decrease after they cross the age of eight. That is the reason, scientists for this experiment focused on girls aged between 9 and 12. The study concluded that the decline in activity is most pronounced among girls. 

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