Tree Planting Drone to Tackle Deforestation

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tree Planter

An Oxford-based start-up company BioCarbon Engineering has developed a pioneering drone technology that can plant around one billion trees in a year. The technology was recently unveiled at the United Nations Solutions Summit in New York wherein the company sought international support to develop the drones in order to counter deforestation.

The special drones will take detailed images of a particular area to tell the company about its nutrients, biodiversity and topology. The company then uses algorithms to scan the data sent by drone to generate a precision planting pattern. The planting pattern is then uploaded onto the drones.

The drone flies 2-3 metres above the ground wherein it fires a biodegradable seed pod at each position containing all the nutrients for a healthy tree growth. The earth every year loses 6 billion trees and the last year’s UN Climate Summit committed to restore 350 million hectares of land by planting 300 billion trees.

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