It’s impossible said pride. It’s risky said experience. It’s pointless said reason. Give it a try whispered the heart.

If you seek to understand the whole universe you will understand nothing at all but seek to understand yourself and you will understand the whole universe.

If worrying were an Olympic sport, you'd get the gold for sure.
Look to the heel, young man. The sex is in the heel.
Time is something you can't replace.
Truth is not determined by majority vote.
Don't expect anything original from an echo.

A leader is someone who compels others to positive action by the power of their own positive action.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.
Ladies, gentlemen and those who are yet to make up your mind.
The most wonderful and precious element of universe is the human life which can only be guided by the right knowledge and right attitude. So, here is an ocean of knowledge, both in English and Hindi encompassing every detail and each facet of human life which ‘one must know’ in order to grow and attain the summits of success. A team of around 200 dedicated members is working ceaselessly to turn such a colossal dream into reality. We are confident that this portal will help bring change in people across the world.

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