Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Wise is the one who learns from another´s mistakes. Less wise is the one who learns only from his own mistakes. The fool keeps making the same mistakes again and again and never learns from them.
Love is not an emotion. It is your very existence.
Love is the highest strength, yet it makes you absolutely weak.
Smiling with all the existence is Silence.
When there is Love, there is no ego; ego dissolves like the dew drops with the sun.

The third eye is associated with alertness and awareness. When you are alert, awake, more into knowledge, then naturally the energy has moved from the lowest chakra to the highest. You know when you are very alert and awake the sexual energy has transformed itself into a different quality of consciousness.

We need to be aware of our own selves, our body, our breath, our mind, how the mind works. Become confident of who you are.

Silence is the goal of all answers. If an answer does not silence the mind, it is no answer.
When you love someone, you want to see them always happy and you want them to have the best.
Love cannot tolerate distance and hatred cannot tolerate nearness.
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