Songwriters write songs, but they really belong to the listener.

- Jimmy Buffett
A good country song takes a page out of someone's life and puts it into music.
- Conway Twitty
Music is everywhere. It’s in the air between us, waiting to be sung.
- David Levithan
Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart
- Pablo Casals
If you learn music, you'll learn most all there is to know.
- Edgar Cayce
Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.
- Modest Mouse
I tried to look at writing a song almost like solving a mystery. The song was there, buried somewhere in my brain. All I had to do was follow the clues until I figured it out.
- Jon Skovron
Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.
- Maya Angelou
Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.
- Benjamin Disraeli
Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.
- Victor Hugo
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